Brokenness and Beauty

There is a lot of brokenness everywhere
We could close our eyes and point and some cracks would be revealed
And we could ask so many times how to fix this imperfect world
But is that really our job?

I think we might be focusing on the wrong thing
We only see the dirt, the grit, the grime
We are far too focused to see what is shining through the slime

There is a lot of beauty everywhere
Mountains that echo the voice of the Creator
Grass that grows without needing a command
Flowers that dress better than most people
And they don’t even have to try

Sometimes we catch glimpses of the human heart
Beyond all the anger and insecurities
And we can see passion and love and joy
We can see the stuff that can shift nations
But we have beat it down

There is a lot of forcing each other into silly molds
But we don’t all fit into molds
Our dreams are bigger, even though we’ve been told not to dream
But how did anyone get to any high place without first dreaming?
Dreams have purpose and they are beautiful

And where did these dreams come even come from?
Was there not a plan put into motion all those years ago?
Someone bigger, the biggest someone, had an idea, had a dream
We were his dream!
So maybe we should do more than just dream
And watch our feet so we stop stepping on each other’s dreams too

There is a lot of uniqueness everywhere
Creator was so creative in his individual creations that match nothing else
There is an infinite combination of features
In mountains, in forests, in valleys, in creatures, in us

So why, instead of seeing something beautiful in these variations,
Do we refuse to celebrate these differences?
But rather we made our own word U-G-L-Y
I think I’d prefer to be S-P-E-C-I-A-L

Yet we’ve found something wrong with even that
So we take beauty and make brokenness
And we find that there is a lot of brokenness everywhere
Searching for ways to fix it
Instead of realizing that it’s all our fault
And we could stop it if we wanted.

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