Who I Am

Look me up
But not in a dictionary
Because Merriam Webster’s got nothing on me
I cannot be defined
I don’t fit into a mold
I’m not something you can fold
Up so neatly that I’ll fix in a box
And I’m going to stop hiding in my hole like a fox

I am gifted and growing
Like sprouts from a seed
That was planted in spring
I break through the soil
And I bloom

I am strong
Like an oak aged through many winters
I have weathered so many storms
Burned in a fire, the wood I shed will keep you warm
And I will live on

I am not broken, ripped, or torn
Nothing holds me down; I am not caught in any thorns
I am protected and so much more

I am becoming everything I am meant to be
I am freed
And as I declare this you may doubt me
You may say you know me
Because you’ve seen me in the dark
But my sun has risen
And though I remember the beauty of the starlight
It has changed me

My hope is where it should be
Anchored in a strong foundation
Ready to take part in this nation
I am a citizen

There is no persecution I deserve
Because my royal nature was not something I earned
But something I was born into
Yet my birthright will be ignored
Seen as entitlement
Remembered as poor

Still I will carry on
I will more than survive
I will thrive
Because I know what I am striving for

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