Some Thoughts

I haven’t written in a few weeks.  It’s been a long time since I’ve done that.  And it’s not for lack of anything to say.  Or because I’ve been too busy.  I’ve even written a lot of poetry and music that I just haven’t posted.  I just haven’t felt like posting.
I’m so tired.  And there’s just so many things.  So here’s a random stream of thoughts that I have encountered over the last few weeks.

So what’s up with curvy girl fashion blogs?  Like, I have no problem with them, but it seems that the word curvy suddenly means plus size or overweight or something.  Hello, I’m 5’1, but I’m not a stick.  If you asked most people, they might say I’m curvy, but I am definitely the right size for my weight and body type.  And I’m offensive by being offended.

I always talk about how I push people away, but I was definitely called out on it the other day.  One of the girls I work with apparently has been trying to get to know me, but I just don’t let that happen.

I only attract weird guys.  There’s the kind of guy I want to be with, but I’m not noticeable to them.

I’m going to sell my car and buy my dream car soon.  But yet, I might move out of the country.  What happens to my car then?

I might go to the UK and Finland in August, depending on how much money I can save up.  And I really hope I can save up enough money.

I really want to have some meaningful conversations, but there’s never really a place for that.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people here crave community.  But then they never let you be a part of the community.  There is no bonding, only bonding experiences.  But maybe that’s true of everywhere I go.

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