Not Again

I feel knots in my stomach and my lungs, they fail to breathe
I didn’t know I’d let you have this kind of power over me
All I want in the world is the ability to flee
But what you have made happen has only brought me to my knees

I am begging you to release me from this hold
Even though you have shut me out, left me in the cold
If this is what I should’ve expected, I wish I had been told
I’m giving up, I’m broken, this is my hand, and I fold

I’m so glad I didn’t let you all the way through the door
Because then my heart and soul might be a little more than sore
But really, do I have anything to be glad for?
In reality, you’re feelings for me were nothing else but folklore

I should never have let things go as far as they did
You’re not the prince I dreamed of when I was a little kid
Nonetheless, you caught me in a jar like a fairy and screwed tight the lid
I never learned to wait to give myself to whoever had the highest bid

I wish we had ended before we started
But when I saw you coming it was like the Red Sea had parted
Now I feel as if my heart has been martyred
I thought I was clever, but it seems I have been outsmarted

I could have so easily let you be everything to me
I keep myself locked up, but I could have given you the key
Now I’m simply wishing that you would get me free
Trying so hard to let go, loosening my grasp, finally

I just want to breath, again
I just want to be free, again
I just want to be me, again
And I promise, you’ll never be able to break me, again

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