My Weakness

You are my weakness
But I don’t want you to see me at my weakest
Even though it seems it is you who puts me there
As much as I hate you, I can’t let you go

If I believed in love, I’d say I love you
But what we have isn’t love at all
It’s a passion like a matchstick held too long
Lights fast and then burns the hand that holds it
And it’s always my hand that holds it

To you I’m like an old guitar in the back of your closet
Easily forgotten, but waiting eagerly for you
And when you pull me out, you never change my strings
You play until I go out of tune
Then you hide me away because you found something new that sounds so much sweeter

I can’t let you play me anymore
But we both know I’m forever yours
I’m begging for you to pawn me off to someone who will take care of me
Yet, maybe I’m not good enough for anyone else, either

I never came back here for you
But you found me anyway
And when you started to feel something
Reality got in the way

We are so wrong for each other
Yet it seems like we could be so right
We freaked out, we’re terrified
Not even committed enough to fight

I want to be worth fighting for
I want new strings, a new sound, and for the dust and crakcs and scars to be gone from my aging wood
If I ran away, would you fight for me?
If my heart were stolen, would you buy it back?

How did we even get here?
How did I let it go this far again?
I wish it had gone even further, still
I wish we never had to end

Because you’re my weakness
No matter how strong I am
I’ll always fall for  you
Will you ever catch me?

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