In Wolf’s Clothing

What if my eyes glowed like a wolf’s in the light?
Would you see me then?  Would you see me then?
What if I howled at the moon, keeping you up at night?
Would you hear me then?  Would you hear me then?

Because I want nothing more than to escape this mask
But now that I’ve told you the truth, all you do is ask
You see only my weakness, missing the strength in who I am
Expecting me to get over this, seeing only a phase
Not seeing me, I am free
I’m not some animal locked in a cage

I’ve grown used to being forgotten
I’m usually left behind
I’ve learned to expect the worst
Then the truth feels more kind

So when you suddenly pay me new attention
It’s only because your enlightened eyes see me broken
Missing the fine stitching that holds me together
And yes I’m aware that sometimes it tears
But I’ve done this before, a few times, even more
So don’t pity me
I don’t need your help, your sympathy
Don’t “keep me in your prayers” because you think I need to be fixed
Realize I am whole, my head’s just a little mixed

I would rather you not know the truth at all,
Even if then we were comfortable in our distance,
Than have most free moments filled with interrogating conversation
Making sure I’m okay in every new instance

I promise you, this facade you think I’m wearing is actually who I am
I’m not hiding behind some wolf’s mask
I just truly am alone
But what you don’t see behind the fear in my face when my heart is racing
Is that I am content

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