The rolling hills became mountains before me
I climbed them, steady and true
Now I live among them and thrive
I have lost no will to survive

Everything that had kept me up at night
Now brings me terror in the day
But I will fight through this, strong
I will not be held down for long

The voices grow louder in the morning
Creeping up to wake my waiting ears
Ignoring them, moving past them in confidence
Knowing I won’t feel alone with patience

I heard the call and I came
Running full speed in eager anticipation
Knowing I have no reason to be afraid
The cards are on the table, already played

So maybe it’s time to simply relax
It appears I am becoming one with nature
Finding my reflection in every stream, pond, and dirty window
Not worrying when the days bring rain or snow

Looking behind me, wondering how I got to this place
Slowly realizing it is where I belong
Placing it all on the highest shelf
Because here is where I’ll find myself


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