You don’t even notice that you’ve forgotten me
And looking back now I realize it was never about me
What I say I’ve been craving is now what I most fear
I am out of isolation, alone

My seeing eyes glisten as I sit back and listen to everything I’m not quite ready for
I can feel myself breaking and my body won’t stop shaking as I am ripped through and through
My thoughts are screaming like a kettle that is steaming and I’m wishin I could simply run away
I think it’s time I addressed this, there’s a call I need to make first, then maybe I will finally say goodbye

What have I gotten myself into?
I’m beginning to question my every choice in life
Am I headed in the wrong direction?
This is clearly your path and not my own

I just need to understand why
I just need my soul to stop leaking
It seems that every small mistake is beginning to define me
But this isn’t who I am at all

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