I may have mentioned this before, but God provides.  He provides in lots of ways, and not always when you expect Him to.  Sometimes He provides when you don’t  even think you need it.  My basic theology is that God does what He wants, and it’s not our job to explain things for Him.

Anyway, last August I was going to San Francisco with one of my best friends.  I was close to being broke and my dad was going to loan me some money, but then a $20 bill appeared in an area of my purse that I didn’t usually put cash in.  So that was cool.  A few weeks later I went to the bank to take $20 out, but when I opened my wallet to get my debit card out, I already had $20 in my wallet.  Both of these were miracles that were providing for me right when I needed it.  I couldn’t think of any other way that this could have happened other than God just providing because He wanted to, and because He loves.

Yesterday I was running my last errands in town before I went home to pack up my things to fly to Spokane and also to spend my summer working at camp in Northern California.  I got cash out so I could pay for taxis, food, and parking during my few days of traveling by air.  I got back to my car and drove home.  When I got home I found a $100 on my passenger seat in my car.  No one has ridden in my car, besides my brother, in about a month.  And it wasn’t there when I left town to go home.  My only response is that God gave me money again.  He’s providing at the most random of times.  But this only increases my faith.  It gives me the faith to trust Him when I need Him most, and also the faith that I am going in the right direction with my life.

God’s cool.

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