Numbers EP

I’m thinking I’ll get ONE chance to say this…
I really like the way you smile and laugh at me like you might actually think I’m funny
You said I looked cute in my glasses, you think it’s cool that I’m weird, and you’re okay with the fact that I wave things around like I’m my own special form of royalty

I’m thinking it’ll be about TWO seconds before you realize who you are
And you’ll try to get as far away from me as possible
That’s okay, it’s probably time I spent some time apart from you
Gotta get you outta my heart

It’s been at least THREE times you’ve rescued me, you make me think you care
I’ve relaxed, you let me be myself, so it’s time I cleared the air
Your old interest, she’s moved on from you, so I only think it’s fair
That sometimes when I think of you, I run my fingers through my hair

FOUR! is something I hear they yell in golf to let everyone know the ball is flying
I’d be down for mini golfing, a putt-putt date, I’d say it beats fine dining
I know I’m getting cheesy, but it beats all my old whining

Feel free to high FIVE me later
I swear I won’t bite like some toothy alligator
We both like automobiles, we could watch a movie starring Mater
Cool your jets bro, I’m not serious, if there’s someone else I’d say “Date her”

I’m up to number SIX by now, that is, verses I’ve done writ for you
Maybe this should have been shorter, probably a haiku?
Is this real?  Am I actually saying this?  If it is, I don’t know what to do
Because I’m confessing honest feelings and acting like a fool

They say that it’s, what, SEVEN minutes in heaven?  Well I say that’s not for me
I’d rather just hang out with you, kick back, watch some tv
But if I let you pick the show, you’ll lose points if you choose Glee
Who cares?  Let’s buzz around, the best things in life are free

Octopi have EIGHT legs, same amount of top friends on the old MySpace
If I were to be honest with you, boy, you’re easy on the eyes and I kinda like your face
I’m probably freaking you out by now, sorry if that’s the case
I’ll pretend this never happened, my steps I will retrace

NINE times out of TEN, I’d get shut down, because I’m just a little crazy
You can see where this is going, when I leave I don’t expect you to chase me
But I know you have my number boy, so… call me maybe?

3 thoughts on “Numbers EP

    1. It’s weird, because I wrote this more than a year ago, but I didn’t like it that much, but a friend of mine said it was his favorite, so I posted it.

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