Jesus Is

Indescribably beautiful, but somehow missed in an everyday scene
Hidden only because we’re not looking as we cry for Him to open up our eyes
Arms stretched out, reaching for us, catching us, as we stumble and fall in efforts to run to Him
Wrapping us in a silent embrace, weeping with joy as His prodigals have returned

A servant, born in a manger, raised by a carpenter, both creator and creation
Master, teacher, secretly king; He made the lame to walk and the blind to see
He walked on water, calmed the storms, made sure the hungry had food
Ate dinner with outcasts, let prostitutes bathe His feet, and, ultimately, let the captives free

Simultaneously, He brought both peace and conflict
As many still die in His name because He died for our sake
Innocent, perfect, He rolled away the stone and left the empty grave behind Him
Forgiven, washed clean in His blood, we too can bask in eternal life, leaving death behind us

Omnipotent, all-knowing, He sees all our sins, so we cannot keep them secret from Him
But He does not hold our fallen nature against us
He has already forgiven us, taking our place in punishment
Encouraging us not to punish ourselves

He is the Word that was spoken as creation came into motion
An artist that paints with nature and reality
A sculptor who uses mountains as His medium
Breathing life into humanity, so we can enjoy it all

Jesus is love!
As His children, we have messed up and disobeyed, like all children do
As our Father, He is not disappointed, but is ever pushing us toward something greater
Because He loves us, we have the freedom to choose something lesser

Jesus is our Savior
Because in our freedom we often make choices that lead to death
But He died in our place, saving us for life with Him
Life eternal, life in peace, life without sin

Jesus is more than just a name
More than just a great man
More than we could ever be
And if we let Him, Jesus is everything

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