Only once in my life has a stranger asked for my number.  This may be partly because strangers don’t often approach other strangers, not like they used to.  I’m also not very approachable anymore.  And I usually am friends with a guy before he wants me number.  But I digress.

The summer of my fifteenth birthday my parents took me and a friend to Knott’s Berry Farm.  My friend and I got to go on rides all day while my parents did whatever they did for the day.
We were in line for one of the roller coasters when I saw this guy further back in line who had beautiful blue eyes.  They drew my eyes to his face instantly, so I told my friend how cute he was.  We kept making eye contact until it was my turn to get on the roller coaster.  I was wearing a neon green tiger striped shirt, so when I was all buckled in he yelled, “I like your shirt!”  And then the roller coaster took off.  I had never had someone do anything like that to me before, so I was confused, but also a little excited that the cute boy had talked to me.
When we got off the roller coaster we skipped off to another ride, and then decided we should see if we could find the cute boy again.  I saw him from a distance, and instead of being normal and cool I yelled, “Look, there he is!”  and pointed at him.  In my embarrassment, my friend and I ran away.  Later he saw us and he and his friends did the same thing to us.  Eventually his friend came up to me and said he wanted my number, but was too shy to ask me himself.  His name was AJ.

AJ and I texted or talked on the phone on and off for a couple years.  In this time I gave my life to Christ.  AJ asked me why I would want to love a cruel God.  He believed that God took away his family and had caused all the bad that he knew of.  As a new Christian, all I could say was an abbreviated testimony and that I wouldn’t be alive if not for God.  He told me he was a Satanist and that Satan loved him and cared for him.  Basically, Satan took the place in AJ’s life that God has in mine.
One of my youth pastors at the time, when I told him AJ was a Satanist and I didn’t know what to say to him, my youth pastor told me I had to stop talking to AJ and delete his number.  He said AJ might be praying to Satan for me, and that could negatively affect my life.

This guy, Bob Goff, wrote a book, Love Does, and in that book is a chapter called “Catching a Ride.”  In this chapter Bob says, “We talk about satan way more than the Bible ever talks about satan.”  He refuses to capitalize the “devil’s” name, because that is “giving him too much credit.”  He says that some people, when they sin continuously, start to believe that they cannot quit because they are under satan’s power.

I’ve realized that a lot of people give satan too much power.  He is a manipulator, but he is not equal to God.  We act as if satan and God are of equal power, but one is just good, while the other is bad.  I don’t think this is right.  We overestimate his power.  If we sin, it’s because of our fallen nature, but we tend to blame it on satan.

I think that’s all I have to say about this.
I regret that I was not a better witness to AJ, and instead cut him out of my life.  I know that God is so powerful, and I would not have become possessed by staying friends with him.  Ugh.  Regrets.

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