Missing You

I miss the way it feels to have my head resting in crook of your neck
I miss the way your lips feel on mine, even if it was only just a peck
I miss your daily morning greetings, even if only via text
Now I find myself lost, searching aimlessly for what comes next

I could have been comfortable with you, you know?
I wanted fast actions, but for my heart to move slow
You changed your mind on what you wanted, though
Now you’re less than a friend, but are you my foe?

Don’t get me wrong, I never would have loved you
You may think you have me figured out, but I promise you don’t have a clue
Loving someone does not come easy, and it’s not something I feel inclined to do
Usually I move on quickly, always searching for something new

I wanted adventure at 100 miles an hour
I didn’t want roses, I’m not the kind of girl who asks for flowers
I like to string you along until it all goes sour
But usually I do the leaving, climbing up my own tower

I didn’t think I asked for much, but maybe it’s that I asked for nothing at all
I go after what I want aggressively, until I fear that I might fall
Now I feel foolish, rather stupid, and very, very small
As you hover over me, looking much too tall

I find myself wondering if you even think of me
Should I keep waiting, just to see?
Because, boy, I really thought you were my cup of tea
But if you have a locked up heart like mine, I surely don’t hold the key

Do you even notice that I’m gone?
Because I still wonder where it all went wrong
Steadily realizing that with me, you don’t belong
And I know now that I am just not that strong

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