Lost, Find Me

Sometimes you need to be sufficiently lost in order to truly be found
So come find me
As the sound of rushing water and roaring wind overtakes me
All that I’m asking is to be free

Please don’t let me be
In case my heart forgets to beat
Torn up on the inside, what you see is only skin deep
Breathlessness must be so sweet

I’m done running away, at least for now
Time to face the stage and take my bow
My feet were running as soon as they hit the ground
And they’ve only. just. stopped.

My heart is conflicted
It’s like I’ve been convicted
Of wrongs that I never knew were wrong; don’t be so vindictive
I can feel you pulling away; I try letting you go, but it’s like I’m addicted

The dirt on my jeans says I’ve gone away
Deep down in my soul I think today is the day
Finding the courage to open my mouth and say
The choice is yours; do you want me to leave, or should I stay?

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