Building Forts

I’d like to build a fort with you, because although we’re grown up, I want our love to be young
I want to be like a child with you; innocent and free and full of imagination
I want to be new with you, because I want everything with you to be like it’s the very first time
I want to explore with you, because I want our love to be an adventure

With you I get butterflies again, feeling like I’m about to take off
You send me flying through the air, but my feet have never left the ground
You have blues eyes that make my heart dance rhythmically faster than it did an hour ago
You’re on my mind, and I want you stay there, subconsciously forever, and even more

I have been held down by those who came before you
Let’s forget them
Because I want you to be my first
I wish I could fall for you all over again, everyday, for the rest of my life

But yet I find myself afraid
Because although you’ve got my floored, I don’t want to be left lying on the floor
I don’t want to be used and then left, because I’ve been there before
I can’t afford to be broken again, ripped down to the core

So if you see my running away from you, chase me
You’ve already caught me once before
If my walls come falling down, please don’t break me
I don’t know if I’m capable of closing this door

I think I want to be in love with you
Because I never used to think it was possible
I think I’d like to spend my life with you
Because that didn’t used to be plausible

But first, can I just build a fort with you?
Because instead of acting so old, I just want to be young

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