The Problem is…

The problem is that I don’t hate you
And I don’t think I could
If you called me right now I’d answer
If you asked me again I’d say yes, again

The problem is that I don’t know if I could say “no” to you
Because I’m only turning my back because you’re turning yours
And I can’t promise that I’m waiting for you,
But I am waiting, still

The problem is that I let you in
Somehow you got under my skin
I didn’t realize you had ripped me open
But you left me so exposed

The problem is that I could never love you
But yet you are all my heart searches for
And all I want is to move on
Could there even be anyone else

The problem is that you are the only you
I can’t find another one
And with all the things I find wrong with you
Somehow you are masked in perfection

The problem is you
You said you never wanted to see me cry
But you are the reason for my tear soaked bed sheets
Because I find myself crying myself to sleep

The problem is you were my secret
Even though you come seeping out onto the pages
And I wanted to keep you to myself
But you wanted me once

The problem is that my slow is too fast for you
Even though you were a speedy beginning
And as much as I want to turn my back
I’m afraid there’s still a knife in you hand

The problem is…
Am I the problem?

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