Trying Silence

I keep promising myself I will keep silent, I will say nothing
But then these words come spilling out of me before I have time to stop them
My waterfall pours over you, you’re soaking wet
And I didn’t mean to do it

I guess I thought I was safe here
That I wouldn’t be judged or looked down on
But I’ve become more of a nuisance than anything
I guess that I was wrong

I thought that I could say whatever I want, whatever I need
I didn’t need a filter or room to breathe
Did I unintentionally build a garden by planting a seed?
I’ll try to learn to follow your lead

We all knew I was unpredictable
Like a ticking bomb, I could go off anytime
I wish timing was not so critical
Maybe this is a sign?

I prepare myself for the worst
But hoping for the best
If I’m going, I may as well dive in headfirst 
On the way, I’ll figure out all the rest

I will say nothing
But maybe I’ll leave a note?
I don’t mean to leave you wanting
more, I need to be remote

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