Creepy… or Romantic?

I’ve been thinking about things that people do for one another that are considered romantic: guys giving girls flowers, girls making their boyfriends dinner, making an attractive person a mix tape, etc.  People are just so romantic.  Romantic means to suggest the excitement or mystery pertaining to love.  But what is romantic?

Imagine a scenario: a girl and guy meet randomly in a coffee shop.  He realizes that she goes there a lot, and so brings her flowers one day, and asks her out on a date.  Romantic, right?  Now imagine that she’s not into him, but he brings her flowers, even though he doesn’t really know her, and asks her out.  Creepy.

I was at the grocery store one time and a guy kept trying to make conversation with me while I was buying fruit for church.  His persistence annoyed me.  When I told the story later, one of my guy friends pointed out that I would have thought it was sweet if I thought he was cute.  Which is true.

A lot of people say that chivalry is dead, but I think we may have killed it.  If a guy tries to be cute and sweet and romantic, he comes off creepy simply because she’s not attracted to him.  Next time a guy talks to you, ignore the way he looks and pay attention to the words he says and the things he does.  He’s probably not creepy.  Or maybe he is…

Creepy = romantic and vice versa.

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