Lacking Tact

Something I’ve thought about for the last few years is the fact that the Body of Christ is not really a Body and is not really united because we break off into other churches and denominations over silly differences in theology.  It’s like we truly believe that correct theology is what saves us, rather than Jesus Himself, who died on the freaking cross and forgave our freaking sins!  I just don’t get it.

This semester in History of Christianity class we started by talking about the Reformation.  One of our discussion questions was whether or not the Reformation was successful.  In some ways, yes it was.  But if it had truly been successful, we would all be Catholic, but the Church would look the way it’s supposed to, because the Church would have actually been reformed.  Reformists didn’t reform the Church, they made their own church.  I know that that is not what their intention was, but it is what happened.  The Church did not stay united.

Today, in the town I grew up in, I got to experience six different churches, from six different denominations, unite together to do Church.  There was one big service and each church had it’s own part.  One did worship, one did offering, they had special songs, etc, you get the point.  The sermon was about the united body in 1 Corinthians, how every part matters.  His point was that, although we go to different churches and belong to different denominations, we are still a part of the Body of Christ.  Even though people differ in theology doesn’t mean they are bad, wrong, or unsaved.  If we are fighting against each other, then what are we really fighting for?

I’ve been thinking a little bit about honesty.  A lot of people ask for the truth, but don’t like it when they hear it.  Some people are afraid to give the truth because they worry about how it will be received.  This is why a lot of Christians stay in the closet about their faith.  Growing up, I lied a lot.  But not in a dishonest way, I rather told stories about people and about myself, because I didn’t realize that I could make up on my own characters.  I used to be riddled with guilt about my lies.  I realize now that I was just a storyteller.  I still am, just in the right way.   But how often are we dishonest about our feelings?  We don’t tell people how we feel about them because we’re worried how they will react.  In the same way, if someone is acting like they might have feelings for you, instead of letting them down, you ignore it until it is too late and you both get hurt.

Honestly, we just all lack tact.

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