Understanding the Light

The darkness misunderstands the light.
Heck, I even misunderstand the light and I’m part of it
I am standing, engulfed in brightness and it is getting hard to see
I’ve stumbled around, afraid to get hurt, and so I’ve found a way to save myself

I have constructed walls around me
I have enclosed myself in a tomb of protection, fully prepared to die here
I am no longer overwhelmed by the blinding light that I can’t understand
All I can see is the light of my own flame

I am preparing myself for the darkness
At least that’s what I keep telling myself
But how will my flame, my light, be seen in the darkness
When it is encased in this protective dome that I call home?

Even thought I am safe here, no one will be saved here
If no light can come in then I can see clearly
And what I see is utter isolation
And the darkness still can’t understand me

I’ve reinforced these walls so there’s no way they can knocked down from the outside
I’ve barricaded the doors that I forgot to create for myself
I put a self-destruct button on my heart to cause annihilation of emotion
I will not be destroyed

I think it’s time I was destroyed
I think it’s time I was reborn
A helpless infant, a flame in the darkness
In innocence, a light that is not misunderstood

After all, a simple infant changed the world before
The darkness wasn’t even aware it was the absence of light until He was light
He was misunderstood, but they got it
And I’ll never be the same

So I am pulling out my sledgehammer
Break me, break me, break me
Utter destruction, my walls come falling down like Jericho
Rip the lampshade off; I am bright and in your face

I won’t relent
My light is so ready to be understood
Diving into darkness
Helpless, broken, free, breathtaking

I am the California sun in November
On a crisp autumn day in Oregon
Melting the snow at springtime in the Rockies
I will shine on, shine on, shine on

This light will shine in the darkness
And the darkness will understand

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