Yesterday Was Thanksgiving

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and it seems that I should feel obligated to blog about what I am thankful for.  Everyone does it.  I’ve done it before.  Should I do it again?

I baked my first pie yesterday.  At least I think it was my first.  I’ve baked a lot of things before, but have I ever baked a pie?  Well now I have.  I baked an apple pie and it was wonderful.  My lovely friend Aaron helped me.  I’m thankful for friends like Aaron.  He opened his home so we could all contribute to a Thanksgiving dinner.  He helped bake pie, mash potatoes, amongst other things.  He even made the turkey.  And it was a good turkey.  I got to spend dinner with new friends and old friends and I got really full and I smiled.  I am thankful that I had food to eat and a family of sorts to eat it with.  Twas a wonderful time.

I find that although Thanksgiving is all about figuring out what we’re thankful for, we tend to bring it back to ourselves.  What am I thankful for?  We want the dinner to go smoothly and we want everyone to be happy and we want to be full so that we can sleep well and go blow a bunch of money on Black Friday sales.  I’ve never really gone Black Friday shopping and this year didn’t change anything.

I know one person who didn’t think of himself on Thanksgiving this year though.  I called my dad to wish him a Happy Thanksgiving and he said they were doing Thanksgiving as a family tomorrow, which is now today, because they were helping my brother sponsor a meal for climbers.  I remember my brother talking about wanting to have a Thanksgiving meal for all the climbers in the Bishop area, because they usually don’t have a home or family to go to, and he actually did it!  My brother with the help of family and friends put together a free meal for any climber that wanted to come and all they had to do was show up and eat.  The turkeys were made and all the fixings as well.  That is honestly the best outreach idea I could ever think of for the Bishop area, and he pulled it off.  And I am proud.

So what am thankful for?  I’m thankful that I have a brother who saw a need and fulfilled it.  I’m thankful that everyone I know had a place to eat and fellowship yesterday.  I’m thankful that I am alive to see it.

But I’m not thankful that I’m sick.  Ugh colds.

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