I realized the other day that the world is pessimistic.  Especially toward other humans.  My History of Christianity professor brought up  how defeated Christians get when conversations with non-religious people go badly.  He said there are at least three arguments against Christianity that we have no answer for.  To get a Christian to leave you alone about Christianity, simply bring up the Crusades.  Or even better, point out how hypocritical Christians tend to be.  Or just say that you’re good; you live a good life, don’t you?  You do good things, don’t you?  You’re moral, aren’t you?  But then my professor made the statement that allowing this defeat you in a conversation as a Christian does not have to happen.  Those arguments take every bad thing that has ever happened within the context of Christianity, and reduce it to that.  That is like taking the worst moments of your life and allowing people to reduce you to that.  Don’t let them do that.

What are the worst things that I’ve ever done?  I don’t know the exact answer to that, but I know it definitely has to do with my words.  I have definitely said things in the past that I regret.  Reducing me to my three worst statements about a person or situation would show how truly horrible I am.  But seeing all the good I have brought to the world (if I have… now I feel awkward…) shows that I really am not that horrible.  And the same goes for every other human being ever.  So why do we let people do that with Christianity?

But yet, I find that I do it as well.  I make blanket statements about Christians all the time, and I am one!  I say how unaccepting  Christians are, because they allow someone who is having premarital sex or who is known for lying or being untrustworthy to be a part of their church family, but shoo out anyone who confesses that they are gay.  I see how hypocritical some Christians are, and I strive to live incarnationally.  I often question someone’s faith if they mess up.  How pessimistic am I?

It’s time to see the good in the world, in people, again.

2 thoughts on “Pessimistic

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