I can’t think of a title

You may or may not have noticed a slight absence of my writing this week. I could make up an excuse and say I was busy, but really I just have writer’s block. I keep starting things and not finishing them, which is unlike me. Ugh.

I took my friend a date yesterday. A friend date… Last weekend my roommate went to see Thor: The Dark World without me. I was sad, but it gave me an excuse to hang out with this girl, Kelsey, who I have been wanting to get to know. Btw, she’s hilarious! I took her to Old Town Pasadena, and found out she’d never been there before. We watched Thor which is a must see, and then we walked to the shops so I could buy some new shoes.

We had no luck at Cotton On, but there was success for my shoe hunt at H&M. I found some black, fake leather, fake converse shoes to replace my Toms which are destroyed. And then Kelsey found me a beanie. She held up this white beanie and said, “I just found a badger hat!” So I tried it on and realized that it was basically a necessity. It was on super sale, so I decided ‘What the heck!’ and bought it. Pardon my bad punctuation there.

Badger hat!

Definitely a win.

Then I went to a house church I’ve been visiting lately and watched a UFC fight afterward. I’ve never watched a fight before, but I think I liked it. Basically, I had a pretty good weekend. I’m hoping I’ll have something better to share soon, but no guarantees. Go away writer’s block!

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