Slammin’ in the Libe

I threw an event on Friday.  If you know anything about me, you know that I hate planning things.  I hate to be in charge, because I feel personally responsible for their failure.  The last few times I have tried to plan events, whether for my birthday or for someone else’s, people have ditched out and decided not to come, usually fairly last minute.  But events rely on people.  And so I don’t plan events.  But I threw one on Friday, and it wasn’t for a birthday party or anything like that.  It was an actual event for an actual club that I actually run.

The Fine Arts director on campus asked me last semester if I would start a poetry club on campus, because I’m oh so poetic.  I run it with another guy, but I tend to do most of the work.  I really wanted to have a poetry slam on campus, and the Fine Arts department wanted to sponsor it and give away cash prizes.  So we did it.  I entitled it Slammin’ in the LIbe, because I was using the library, after hours, as a venue.  This is something that had been done before and I thought it was a great idea.  I had to do an announcement in chapel, and that went over pretty well.  But still I was terrified that no one was going to show up.  All of the people who had originally said they were going to show up cancelled last minute, as usual.  I’m not sure if this says anything about the kind of people I spend time with, but whatever.  I spent all week, and probably even longer, stressing out about this event.  I almost started crying in a friend of mine’s office.  I thought up a few back up plans in case no writers showed up and we only had audience members.  And then Friday came.

We started setting up at 6:30 for the event that started at 7 and people showed up early.  I had more than enough entries and every seat was filled.  People ate food and drank beverages.  I got to share some of my own poetry, as well as hear a bunch of really good writers.  I got to give out cash prizes.  And people asked me when I was going to do it again.

I swear my life changed on Friday.  Slammin’ in the libe was a dream come true.  And God truly showed up.  I thought that people weren’t going to show up and that I was going to have to just give up.  I had told people that if no one showed up and if Ember continued to go the way it has, that I was just going to give it to my partner and give up.  I said I couldn’t do it anymore.  But God really showed me that I’m headed in the right direction.  What a wake up call.

I honestly am so thankful for everyone who helped me and for everyone who showed up.  Oh man.  Just oh man.

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