Let Us Not Forget

We are words on a page
Written down to be remembered, messages for forever
We are lights shining down on the stage
And we are standing still, hoping not to be seen
But we are the main event
We are the whole reason he came
We are the main event
And we’ll never be the same

We are every thought in his mind
And we’re racing through with no signs of stopping
We are his first choice and his favorite kind
We will never be left behind
He takes us from the basket before someone steals us away

We are pulled in too many directions
But he doesn’t want to share us anymore
He’s been giving us every affection
He’s just waiting for us to unlock the door
Leave it open
Let him come in
Let him stay
Because he brought everything he owns to store with us

We are holding all the keys
He has entrusted us with everything
He takes care of us
But sometimes we forget
Of provisions we have a surplus
Let us not forget
Let us not forget

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