Gravity Changes Things

I’ve noticed I have this pattern of hating things that I’ll eventually love.  It’s like I can’t commit to disliking things.  A couple years ago I hated cardigans.  I liked my flannels and I didn’t want a cardigan.  I said I would never own a cardigan.  I didn’t care that other people had them, I just didn’t see them as a kind of clothing item that I would want to own.  Then I started craving cardigans.  I suddenly really wanted one.  I spent a couple hours of shopping looking for the perfect cardigan.  Now I own three.
I saw the previews for the new movie Gravity and it looked like it would be too stressful to go see.  After I heard a few people talk about it, I wanted to watch it.  I just went and saw it with my parents.  It was good, the camera work was amazing, but not something I would want to watch again.
The other day I was talking with my roommate about John Mayer.  We don’t really like him.  We agree that he is talented, but not someone we want to listen to regularly.  Today I had the song Gravity stuck in my head.  I’ve been listening to him ever since.

There was a time when I really wanted to be an activist.  I would get really sad about the whole abortion issue, and I was torn apart over the babies that had to die.  I wanted abortion to be illegal again.  After I had been in college for a year or so, I had a discussion with someone who was much more liberal than I used to be.  He helped me to realize that if we made abortion illegal, girls would still get them.  They would do it unsafely and illegally.  More people would be messed up and die.  I think it’s better to just love people.

I’ve been thinking about how many people hate church and hate God.  A lot of times I hate church.  I swore I would never work in a church.  Lately I want to help plant a church for writers.  I want to tell my story.  I want to hear other peoples stories.  I want to teach people to share their stories.

Now I have people at my house, so I need to cut this short.

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