Write For Me

Write for me
Spin me words from pen onto page of your dreams and visions about your glistening, far off future
Or maybe your nearby future, your tomorrow future
And it’s okay if I’m not in it it, I just want to hear it

I won’t ask you to wait for me
And it’s not that I don’t think I’m worth waiting for (because I am)
It’s just that when you knock, I can’t promise I’ll be opening the door
Because right now your feet are planted firmly on the floor we stand on
But mine aren’t

I won’t ask you to love me
I don’t even expect you like me
But maybe you could just smile at me from time to time
I hope and pray that you won’t simply pass me by
I can feel you slipping through my fingers, maybe it’s time I just let go

I won’t ask you to die for me
And please, please don’t cry for me
Don’t waste the tears that my ducts have forgotten to possess
Don’t stand on that bridge and dive off
Because I’m not at the bottom to catch you
Don’t put that barrel up to your head, don’t you pull that trigger!
Because I’ve found that it’s blanks that hurt the worst and your gun is loaded

I won’t ask you to live for me either
Your breaths are your breaths
And your beating heart, your beating heart
It will break if it beats for me
The blood rushing through your veins is what’s pushing you toward something so much bigger than me (because I’m only 5’1 and 3/4)
Your hands should not be holding mine, they need to be free to hold the weight of all your dreams
No, no, I don’t want you to live for me

All I’m asking is that you write for me
If you think of me, if you remember me
Write for me
Because I find that these days I’m running out of words and my heart is failing because of it
My mind is fogging up and my thoughts aren’t coming in clearly
Write for me
Because I can’t do it on my own
Write for me
Because I can’t do it alone
Write for me

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