God Used Me

I know people often say that “God can use anyone.”  And we all know this to be true, but I feel that we often take it for granted that He really can use anyone.  Now, God’s spoken to me before, and it’s not a super rarity that I get a slight prophecy or a word of knowledge for someone.  People have told me that God has spoken to them through my spoken word before.  So that’s cool.  But last Tuesday God actually used me to do something that really was a miracle and really touched my life as well.

Whenever I pray for healing for people, I sometimes ask God to prove to me that He does heal people instantly.  I ask Him to increase my faith.  Sometimes the prayer almost becomes more about me than the person I’m praying for.  I don’t usually pray for people to get healed in person anymore.

Last Tuesday I was in chapel during worship and I looked across the room and saw a sophomore boy at my school hobbling back to his seat.  I don’t know this boy well, but I do know that he likes to go on walks every night and that’s when he spends time with God.  He’s autistic and introverted, so although he’s very nice and he has a normal amount of friends, he likes to spend time by himself to unwind.  So I knew that having an injured foot would hinder him more than it would most other people.  God told me to go pray for him.  I didn’t want to actually walk across the room and lay my hands on him, but God kept saying it, so finally I gave in.  I walked up behind him and asked if I could pray for him.  I thanked God for the person He had created him to be.  I spoke positivity into his life.  Eventually I got around to praying for his foot.  Then I walked away.  That was it.  I didn’t ask him how it felt or anything.  I just left.

Later that day he was walking without crutches, but he had a slight limp.  The next day he was fine.  We haven’t spoken, but we’ve made eye contact and smiled at each other.  God used me to do a miracle.  He used me!  And I’ll never be the same.

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