I Figured it Out

On Sundays I get really tired, but I work at 3pm, so I never have time to nap before work.  On Sundays I also go to church.  I spend most of my week working mornings and hanging out/doing homework in my room with my roommate.  But on Sundays I hang out with people and talk to strangers and go out to lunch.

I am an introvert.  I have known this to be true, but today I really grasped what that means.  Extroverting myself exhausts me.  Hanging out with too many people drains all of my energy.  So on Sundays I need to come chill in my room before work.  Days that I don’t get to are too long and too tiring.

So I’ve figured out why I’m so tired.  And what being an introvert means for me.

One thought on “I Figured it Out

  1. Addi Forras

    100% agree with you Sara!
    I get worn out by groups of people, while Cameron gets energized by them. I need a whole day at home away from people to recharge every so often.

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