Shadow Battle

If the world were flat I could run for miles and never get caught
The shadow that comes for me would be too slow to chase me and I know that I would be free
But these mountains always get in the way
They slow me down as my feet trudge up and the shadow grows closer day by day

When I reach the top I should be joyous at this momentous occasion
But I have no time to stop
I race my feet down toward the valley
Picking up speed so the shadow over me cannot catch me

I sometimes worry that it will overtake me again
That this dark cloud on my head will be oh so evident
I worry that you see and worry too
I worry that you’ll leave me behind

There is a shadow knocking at my door
It’s coming in my window
Take a breath, breathe it in
This darkness takes up residence in my lungs, slowly suffocating me

But should I give in?
Should I give up?
Should I let this shadow drown me out?
Should I be forgotten

No, no no
I will fight this battle
I did not give all I had in my flight
So with all of my might I will fight

I can win, but not on my own
There is something shining, victory has been shown
I have no need to worry as I settle in my home
This is not a battle I have to fight on my own

I have light on my side, a flashlight, a torch
I have a switch by my door that brightens my porch
I will not be beaten down by pure force
I will fight, I will fight, I will fight, of course

I was drowning and lost
But not without cost
I learned my lesson
I do not fight alone

I ran from that shadow as fast as I could
But I didn’t realize I had left you behind too
You promised to be with me through it all
When I thought it was all my fault

I was never forgotten
Just distanced for a time
I promise I’ll do my best to stay with you
Just stick close till the final line

I had fallen, I was broken
Thought I was locked out in the cold
The shadow was pulling me away from all I had promised you
The truth needs to be told

I had given up
I had given in
But then I chose to fight
If only I had realized you have never left my side

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