People Care (Why Not Have An Intervention?)

A couple of things, but first: I have another blog.  It’s only temporary, and it’s for a class, but if you’re interested, you can find it here.  It’s about the tv show Mad Men and the culture of the society within the show and how that applies to ministry.  It’s for my ministry and culture class.  I can’t promise that it’s good, but if you’re interested, it’s there.

But that is not what this blog is about.  I want to talk about people who care.  Why this sudden prompting?  Well, the beloved Dean of Students at my school, JJ Peterson had his last day on Friday, because he is moving on to do some other things in his career and ministry.  This makes me sad.  JJ is my friend.  He is also one of the reasons I love my school and have survived the last couple of years.  JJ was one of the staff that showed me that my school cares for its students.

My sophomore year here, at Life Pacific College, was not a good year.  I was hit with crippling depression.  I was having a mental break down.  I wanted to die.  And JJ noticed this.  He reached out to me.  He talked to me and let me know that he understood.  People don’t always understand.  And so it was a sad farewell.  As I’m writing this, I’m realizing that all of the staff that were there for me, that showed me they cared, and that gave me friendship… well they’re all gone now.  All but one.  And soon I’ll be gone too.

Thinking about this brings me to another thought.  Are interventions Biblical?  If someone is making harmful decisions for their life, I know that it is American to let them make their decisions and let their lives fall apart.  But what if these decisions are not only hurting them?  Should we stand here and watch their life slowly unravel.  I know that JJ and the rest didn’t do that in my situation, so should I be doing it for someone else?
I wonder why we sit around and talk about someone, because we know that what we say won’t change anything.  I wonder why we’ve stopped trying.  What if we had an intervention?  I thought friends were family.


It sucks when songs suddenly mean something else.

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