I Died

I died that day
My heart stopped as I hit the floor
All my soul rushing out of me
So loud I didn’t hear Him open the door
My lungs slowly collapsing
There was no air to fill them anymore
Yes, yes; on that day, I died

With unsteady hands, I drew the razor sharp line of purpose
With unknowing feet I crossed it, and a whole new world was opened up to me
All my blood, sweat, and tears poured out of me until I was bone dry
I knew not what I was doing, until a whisper spoke to me, ever so gently

He said, “Daughter come, I am not done with you yet.”
But I never learned to be grateful
He said, “Open your eyes, I have more for you than this.”
But for a long time I was merely hateful

I didn’t know that the world could be bright and full of color
I could only see in shades of grey
Playfully He took my hand, He had so much for me to see
But for a while all I could remember was that I died that day.

I died that day
Carefully swallowing more than my small body could take
I had seen what love could be, but I was broken, throwing it all away
I raised up my hands in surrender
Letting go, believing I would never be okay
Falling to my knees, resting at His feet; I died that day

I died that day
But my life never ended
I was reborn that day
He had taken my hand, I had been befriended
Everything inside of me screamed out as I breathed my last breath
Everything inside of me sighed as I took my first step

I am dead to sin
I am alive in Him
I am not that girl I was anymore
She has been released to her enemies
I am a new creation, I don’t know what I was running away for
Because this child has been reborn

I died that day
But I didn’t realize I lived that day too
I died that day
But now I live, I live for You

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