Blogging about Returning to School and the Importance of Rules

I moved back into the dorms on Friday.  And my new room and my roommate are so awesome, except we’re still missing our couch.  It should be moved in soon.
I arrived to discover a new dinosaur that my roomie got my for my birthday.  I named him Rory Alexander and I love him.

Now on to the not so good news.  As I was getting off the freeway on Friday, my car started getting all clunky, and my front wheels stopped turning.  Yep, my car broke down.  Less than a mile from my school.  My friend/car guy Eric is going to look at it probably tomorrow.  He’s great.  I’m super bummed though, because now I have to spend all my hard earned money on fixing my car, rather than saving it for my future, which is quickly approaching.


I’ve been thinking today about rules and what the moral implications of breaking them are.  Just small rules, like breaking the school covenant, or not wearing a hairnet at work.  I do my best to uphold the covenant and I wear a hairnet, even if they make me feel gross and itchy, but what does it really mean if I choose to break a rule that no one knows about?  Am I hurting anyone, or am I only hurting myself?  And do I have the right to make other people follow rules, whether unspoken or not?


My hurt is currently a flutter with new beginnings.  I’m expecting this school year to be the best one.  And I get to meet my favorite author, or one of them, Donald Miller, in two weeks.

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