Because I’m a Poet

Because I’m a poet it’s okay for me to tell you the truth; you don’t realize it’s happening, you just sigh and say it’s beautiful
Because I’m a poet it makes sense for me to compare the stains in my carpet to the stains on my soul, because the being who left them there is dead now
Because I’m a poet, I can mean words literally, knowing you’ll take them figuratively, going on to tell me how great of a writer I am when I sit down after every recitation.
Because I’m a poet, when I say my life is aching, you’ll pat me on the back and say you’re glad I feel things.

Because you know me as a poet, you’ll show me your half written spoken word pieces, asking if I think they’re good, but later get surprised when I talk to you as a writer

Because I’m a poet you’ll ask me to write for your next event a piece I’ll perform only once
And you’ll be in love with it
Even thought I know it’s not my best
But because I’m a poet maybe I’ll never be satisfied

Because I’m a poet you expect anger and sadness and other raw emotions to come spewing out of my pen onto paper
But run away when they spew out into real life

Because I’m a poet, you find it hard to believe that there are times when I don’t feel anything at all

Because I’m a poet, I can stand on stage and scream at you at the top of my lungs
But you’ll believe it’s just an act, a new piece I wrote, directing my emotions away from reality

Because I’m a poet you expect me to be an ultra liberal hipster who makes signs and goes to protests, writing words about equality for all and other liberal thoughts
But because I’m a Christian I’m expected to hate gay marriage and tattoos and Lady Gaga

Or am I wrong?
Because I tend to stay away from politics
Even though I’m a Christian and a poet, I don’t fit into any mold you hold out for me
I don’t think it’s my job to say who loves who, and I have a dinosaur tattoo, and sometimes you need to just dance, it’ll be okay

But because I’m a poet, all is forgotten

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