My voice is breaking
Much like my back beneath this weight I’ve been carrying
Because I can’t give you these secrets I’ve been burying
Beneath these layers of flesh that guard my beating heart

You took my breath away
When I first laid my eyes upon you
As music filled the air and I knew you were playing
But I’d never tell you so

There is a symphony playing inside my head
Basic chords begin to crescendo as my heart strings quicken
Because I knew it was you as soon as I walked into the room
And I knew it couldn’t be you the moment I said goodbye

For the first time in a long time I don’t want to be alone anymore
But I know alone is where I’m meant to be
You’re the hero my heart wants
Just not the one it needs right now

The beauty within you could break me
A million little pieces
I would thrive
But off the deep end, I can’t dive

There’s magic in your fingertips
Romancing my ears with ebony and ivory keys
In the air there is electricity
This is where you need to be

I wear my rings loose
Because my fingers are afraid of commitment
But I’d hold you tightly in my hand
I can’t let you go yet

Tell me I don’t need you
We both know it’s time for me to go
Say you don’t need me
Because I’m already gone

Gasping for air I’ve emerged
Like a submarine I was drowning in em-ocean
But I never would have realized
That with you I had stopped breathing

You left me breathless

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