Blogging About Endings

This is a day late, as I got home late last night.  But my regular schedule will return when transitions are over.

Yesterday was my last day as intern in Eureka.  Today is my last day in Eureka and tomorrow I drive away.  These last few weeks have got me thinking about the last time I interned away from home, when I first graduated from high school, and how that ended.  The following thoughts are some comparisons.

When I interned in Sonora, dating was not allowed, but if you were already in a relationship you didn’t have to break up.  It was the same here in Eureka.  Both times I have been perfectly okay with it.  However, in Sonora, toward the end of my internship I started to like a boy.  We hung out, but I didn’t really over think it or anything.  I was perfectly fine with starting college and never seeing him again.  I wanted to be single in college, at least for my freshman year.  The day after our internship graduation everyone left.  I decided to wait with this boy until his family showed up, so that he didn’t have to wait alone.  It started to get the mid afternoon, and I knew that I needed to leave, so I apologized and got ready to go.  The boy stopped me and said some clever, intelligent line.  I was confused and he kissed me and I laughed.  I was flattered and excited and then I left.  As I drove home I thought a lot about him and prayed about him and whatever that meant.  He called me a couple days later and I visited a week or so later with some friends.  I was kind of thrown into our relationship, but it started out happy, as most relationships do.  We dated for eight months, but he wasn’t someone I could spend the rest of my life with.  We were two very different people with very different interests and I often joke that we stayed together so long because we were long distance.
My internship in Sonora was one of the best summers of my life, but most of the people I interned with and fake friends.  We were friends out of convenience, but away from the camp setting, they aren’t really people I like to hang out with, because they are either mean or too full of themselves.  This isn’t true of all of them, just the majority.

This summer I interned in Eureka.  It was a very different internship.  The friendships I made here I can tell will last.  I hate to say that I am sad to leave, but really I am.  I know I will always be welcome here.  If I were to tour, this would be one of my venues.  I loved my summer here.
This time, instead of liking a boy, I love a few close friends.  I truly hope I see them again, as few and far between the occasions for seeing them may be.  I hope we don’t drift.  I hope we don’t hate each other.  I don’t want to say goodbye.
Tonight is my last night with two of the bests.  I’m not sure what else I can say.  My heart is filled with words, but they are too much for a simple blog.

I will miss you Eureka.  And I mean it.  I cherish these memories, and I will find every reason to visit.

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