Some Scattered Blogging

I have a couple of thoughts in my head for this weekend blog.  The first is a funny thing that happened, and the next is much deeper than that.

I went to camp last week.  I was a leader for the youth (oh jeez).  I will expand on that experience later, but first let me tell you about my engagement.  If you know anything about me (as a person, not as a writer) you’ll know that I like to make weird faces.  One of my most popular faces is the squench.

Flare your nostrils and smile
Flare your nostrils and smile

The story of how I discovered this face can be saved for a different time, but basically I ask new people regularly if they can squench, and then I teach them how.  Now, my friend Zach was up at camp playing piano for the worship team.  Our first full day there, we were standing outside of the place where the services are held (the Family Center) and having a delightful conversation.  Whilst conversing I asked him if he could squench.  When he showed me his squench face, I laughed, and right at that moment someone snapped a photo.  

Needless to say, she decided it looked like Zach just asked to marry me.  We took the joke and ran with it.  Our facebooks have blown up with congratulations on our fake engagement.  Zach and I do not love each other, but this joke is both hilarious, unlikely, and fun. The other things that happened at camp was a little more impacting to my life.  I did spoken word for one of the break outs and for the camp talent show.  That was fun to do in itself, but something else happened with it.  Leaders from different youth groups were asking me about my poetry.  They wanted to know if I wrote it myself and how long I’d been doing it.  Someone asked me if I was touring.  Someone else asked me to come to her youth group.  I’m speaking in Hollister, CA next week.  I’m starting work on an EP in the next few months.  I might actually tour.  And it’s exciting. While at camp I got to hang out with a lot of teenage girls.  When I was fifteen, God called me to Life Pacific College to be a youth pastor.  When I got to LPC, I realized I didn’t want to be a youth pastor.  I thought my calling had changed.  After I started writing again and realizing that that’s what I want to spend the rest of my life doing, I knew for a fact I wouldn’t be working in a church.  But yet, I still feel so drawn to speak at camps and schools and churches.  It seems so right that I would speak into the lives of young people.  My heart goes out to teenagers, especially girls, who have been broken like I was broken.
Last week I got to speak into the lives of more girls than I knew.  I prayed with them.  I befriended them.  It made me remember why I wanted to do youth ministry in the first place.  I got my calling back.
I’m not sure that I am going to be a “youth pastor,” because working in the church doesn’t seem right, but I know that I am going to pastor youth.  I have always said that alongside my spoken word I want to help people to tell their own stories.  Well I want to help youth to tell their stories, and to change their lives. 

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