Texting God

I woke up late today.  I missed my alarm and I barely had time to make my lunch before I had to be out the door.
So I sent a text to God saying I’d hang out with Him when I got home.
Texting while driving, I promised I’d pray more and keep my eyes on the road.
I changed the radio station to “Christian” to show God how sorry I was for missing our morning meeting.

I got invited out for coffee after class by the cute boy who sits next to me.
I shot a text up to God, promising we’d hang out and debrief my date.
I knew He’d understand, because I talk to Him everyday, but it’s not everyday that a guy like this talks to me.

When I came home my roommate asked me to go to the gym with her.
I texted god, saying I’d be with Him in an hour
The Bible told me my body was a temple, so keeping it in shape is as important to Him as it is to me.
I jogged for half an hour, texting God about my day, but listening to my roommate and loud music, rather than reading His responses.

I came home and I was exhausted.
I sent a text, saying I needed a shower and to finish my homework
Hygiene and diligence are important to Him
I promised we’d hang out tomorrow, besides I’ve been texting Him all day.

It’s been three months and my grades are doing great.
I text God daily, thanking Him for my strong physique.
That cute boy who sat next to me in class moved across the room; he found a new girl to take to coffee
I angrily text God, saying I don’t want to talk to Him anymore.

I cry to my roommate, but she doesn’t want to hear it; she has problems of her own
I sit here lonely, then get a text from God saying, “It’s time you picked up the phone.”
I dial God’s number, afraid of what He’ll say
But I just need to hear a friendly voice, and to vent out my hectic day
I apologize for avoiding Him but He just says He loves me, that it’s okay
God invites me over to cry on His shoulder and promises He’ll always stay

My phone bill is nonexistent, because calls to God are free
And even if I miss a day with Him, He’s never made me feel guilty
It’s weird, because even thought sometimes I’m the worst, God’s always there for me
So I’m done texting God, we’ll spend time listening in silence, learning patience and intimacy.

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