Not Forgotten (Isaiah 49:8-18)

He will answer you; God knows what He is doing and He will answer you!
Salvation is here and restoration is on its way
Open your hands, receive your inheritance
Those held captive in darkness, “Be free”

Leave your struggles behind you; your worries are no more
No more hunger, no more thirst; this desert of desolation is ending
God sees you; He is answering with compassion.
Follow and He will lead you to rivers of peace
He will level mountains for you!
Safe passage so His people can come together as one

So can we praise Him?
The heavens and earth erupt with songs of joy
The skies open up in worship
The mountains tremble in anticipation of the greatness of God

God comforts His people; we are His people
He has mercy on the broken; where is our mercy for each other?
He is compassionate toward the weak and poor, the oppressed and abandoned
With humility I stand before Him, resting in His love

Why can’t we remember this?
We cry out in times of trouble saying, “God, where are You?!  Why have You forgotten me?!”

Like a mother with her newborn child, God is filled to the brim with love for us
But even if that mother did forget, God says, “I WILL NOT FORGET YOU!”
Your name is written on the back of His hands; your struggle is always on His mind

You have been broken, destroyed.  But those who have broken you will be broken
Open your eyes, look and see
We are coming together, God’s children
He wears like ornaments on a tree at Christmas time
We are the jewels in His crown, the sequins in the bridal veil

God will not forget us
His answer is here
He treasures us.

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