I find the greatest intimacy in a relationship comes from being silent, being still.  If two people can be in a room together, doing nothing and saying nothing, and be completely content, true intimacy has been achieved.  Most friends get together to talk.  When driving, there is never silence, there is either music or conversation.  These things aren’t bad, they are just barely breaking the surface.

I used to have a close friend who I loved.  A lot of our time spent together, when our friendship was strongest, was time spent in silence.  We would sit in her living room, usually originally with a purpose, but end up sitting on different couches, doing absolutely nothing; we were just silent and content.  And I’ve never felt closer to a person.

Deep intimacy with God is also achieved through silence.  The last few years I have learned a lot about silent prayer, and practiced it on and off.  Sitting and just being silent with God is when I feel closest to Him, when I feel most content.  “Be still and know that I am God.”  I truly do want to know God.

Lately I’ve been confused about different things in my life.  I read my Bible, I meditate, I go running, I talk to friends, but I haven’t received the clarity I need.  I need silence so that I can hear God’s still, small voice.  So I’m done talking, I’m done writing, it’s time to listen.

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