Bell-Tower Man

It’s eery the way he always knows when to ring those bells
The monster in the tower, though, is not really a monster at all
It’s sad the way he’ll never be loved
He watches from afar as the girl he loves falls for another
He’d rescue her and risk his life for her time and time again
But she’ll only ever see him as a small, bell-tower man

He still remembers the day she tried to remove the mask that is his face
He never goes out in public because he doesn’t fit in with the rest of the human race
And so he continues to ring the bells as they chime at their own pace
The poor bell-tower man, with his grossly distorted face

“Quasimodo, don’t go!”
She calls out to him as he leaps to avoid her outstretched arms
He no longer wishes to experience her warm embrace
He knows she loves another; it’s time he faced his fate
This bell-tower man who lives alone, will die alone as well
Still crying, he leapt, and his lady wept, as from his bell-tower he fell

This ogre man we knew and loved breathes deep breaths no more
And his lady lost her lover, because the bell-tower was empty, and now her heart is sore.

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