Blogging Some thoughts on “Christian” music

So, I’m sick.  That happened.  But I’m sure I’ll be better soon; I’m down to only an annoying cough.  Praise the Lord.

In other news, I was driving around with my friend, Ali, the other day, when she turned on the radio in her car.  The channel happened to be on K-LOVE and we had a conversation.  Before I divulge deeper the content of what was said, I must preface it with this: I have often been told that my writing is liked because it is honest.  I am open about my faith, but I am also open about my struggles and my opinions.  Frankly, I am fully aware that life is not perfect and happy all the time, and becoming a Christian does not make life easy.  But it does make life worth living.

When K-LOVE came on I asked Ali why “Christians” never write about break ups.  It seems that a good majority of the music that one hears on the secular radio has to do with break ups or heartbreak of some sort.  Whenever I hear popular Christian artists address heartbreak, it usually has to do with how God makes it better, and when you have God you won’t have pain anymore.  Why aren’t there any popular songs questioning why God allows us to go through pain in the first place?  Accepting Christ doesn’t make life perfect, filled with butterflies, rainbows, and dancing unicorns on waterfalls.  If anything, it makes life harder, because we tend to go against the social norms.  I keep coming back to the thought of God’s creation of humanity.  He made us in everything that we are.  He gave us emotions.  Emotions didn’t come after sin entered the world, because God has emotions too.  The Bible is filled with God’s anger, joy, love, and sorrow, but it seems that whenever we experience sorrow, we have to suck it up and remember that everything is okay because God loves us and we’re Christians.  Wouldn’t life be boring without emotion though?  God did not create a boring world filled with boring people, and we need the bad emotions to compliment the fantastic ones.

Ali reminded me that in Kristen Spiotto’s Western Civ class, we learned that modern day Christianity is greatly influenced by the stoics.  The stoics taught that negative emotions were the result of and error in judgement.  They believed that a person of moral or intellectual perfection would not experience such emotions.  Basically, some modern Christians have the idea that because we have Jesus, we should be happy all the time.

I spent most of my life not believing that life had to be happy all the time.  I was never confronted with that belief, and I was raised in the Church.  Outside of music, I had never really encountered Christians who think God=happiness.  A few weeks ago that changed.  One of the other interns was talking about how great it is that we are saved (and it is great), and that life without Jesus is different.  He said Christians are happier, that one can tell a Christian from someone who hasn’t accepted Christ because the Christian will be happy all the time.  Christians are happy.  And I almost spit in his face.

I once heard a comedian say that the Christian life isn’t easy, and if someone wanted an easy life, they shouldn’t be a Christian.  He said the same thing for happiness.  He ended by saying that the best way to describe the Christian life is to say it is interesting.  The Christian life is interesting.  And you meet a lot of interesting people.

Now, I’m not saying that Christians shouldn’t be happy, I’m just saying we should be honest.  I don’t believe that all Christian music is bad; two of my favorite bands are Christian bands.  I just know that I am not a stoic.

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