My body knows the limits I push it to, yet still I continue on
Tomorrow the days grow shorter until there are no days left
And every ounce of perseverance I have left
Pours out in the perspiration on my neck

Step by step I chase a goal that I do not know
Moving forward toward the end, although I cannot see it
More than halfway along, no turning back now
I’ve gone too deep, in over my head,
Drowning with air all around

I gasp out my dreams as I awake in the night
Only to be overtaken by dreamless slumber once again
Is it better to be tormented by unreal terrors
Than have a mind empty of every emotion at all?

As a child my worst nightmare was that lions would destroy my home
Although I grew up all American, where lions do not roam
Growing older I fear next to nothing
But I’m told that I’m still so young

Ever forgotten in a room of my peers
Yet they say my name every time I run through their heads
I cross minds like streets
Looking both ways as not to be struck down by oncoming traffic

Moments come to me in silence
Barely knowing how to grow
And so I grow tired

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