She flicks her tail as she stares coyly out the window
She watches the world pass through her sea green eyes
Without a care in the world, she stretches out on the sill
Still smiling as she falls asleep.

I’ve watched her, and still I fail to understand this strange creature
She is silent, much unlike the brute downstairs
But without fail, she follows me till I ask her to leave
Even then with a small glimpse of soul

I ran alone through the woods and I never felt lost
I destroyed all my lives, but not without cost
Nine births later, I still know nothing
But the sun still rises in the east.

My words are directed as if I didn’t write them
They appeared when I forgot to look
When I bought this I’m sure it was an empty notebook
But now only three pages remaining

My time and money goes elsewhere
But my future is a derailed train
Somewhere this career went off track
My loss must be someone’s gain

To my right she sleeps
If I move, she stirs
I’m not sure why I came here
But in her wakefulness, I learn something new

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