Home Again

I’m at home.  I’m so busy doing nothing that I forget to do everything.
But seriously though, it’s been good to be home.  I have no responsibilities so I can just relax for a few weeks before I go up to Eureka.  I’ve gone climbing, running, played tennis, played an open mic, went to a concert, went a lovely child’s 4th birthday party, led worship, and went on a hike.  And I’ve only been home a week.  However, I haven’t really gotten any writing done.

In the next few weeks I want to finish reading a book, start writing my book, write some new poetry, and write at least one new song.  I hope to go on my more hikes and spend more time with my friend Jena.  I also want to have a sleep over with my lovely friends Lauren and Karina.

Before I go to Eureka, I’m planning on getting my A/C fixed so the drive up will be bearable.  It’d also be great to fix the speakers in my car, or just get new speakers.  Maybe get my hair fixed as well.

Who knows how much of this stuff will actually get done.

Oh well, life is good.  Hopefully I’ll get better at weekly life updates as time passes.  Muah

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