Sipping coffee in my hometown coffee shop
Brings me back to days past, moments past, years past
Days spent on the cold river under the hot summer sun
Reminds me of the day I lost my first car
Driving on that river road, being hit by some idiot driving on the wrong side
I spent that day in tears, I spent that day in fear
But punishment never came and that’s the only time I’ve ever seen my father cry

Watching that local artist sketch a girl across the room
Sends my mind spinning to the days spent in art class
Learning about the world and how to see it
When I used to sketch out my pain on my body because I had run out of paper

Seeing cars drive by on Main Street
I remember afternoons walking to the park
Playing hide and go seek and scaring ducks at the pond
Swinging on swing sets because life was good and life was free

We didn’t know why it was so wrong here
All we knew was that we had to leave
Sipping coffee in this local coffee shop might bring back memories
But I’m reminded why I left

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