Finals Week

I didn’t post a blog last weekend, and I didn’t post one last night.  Sorry about that.  It’s finals week and my mind has been on other things.  I’m going to six flags today, but I thought I’d post a poem that I never finished, and might never finish.  But that’s okay.


Muffled conversations, no sound but communication exchanged
Glances of adoration in eyes that sparkle like a full moon at midnight.
They smile like they have something to hide,
But I know somewhere deep inside
That when he’s always on my mind
Love may be real

Giddy excitement
Laughter at all the things that aren’t actually funny
Smiling across the room when he doesn’t know I’m looking
Spontaneous expression of inexplainable emotions
What is this?

Falling apart at the seams
But being filled to the brim, not knowing what this means

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