Life Update… of sorts

I don’t blog much anymore.  I write poetry/spoken word a lot, but I don’t often blog.  But I really did start this blog to blog, although I like poetry much more.  So, I am giving myself a new agenda.  Every Tuesday a new piece of creative writing will go up, whether it’s poetry or a short story etc.  On Fridays, or in this case, Saturdays (whichever day I get to it really) I will blog.

Why do I want to do this, you ask?  Because I’m spending my summer interning in Eureka!!  I am so excited.  I’ve never been that far North in California, and I’ve never been to Washington or Oregon, which I also plan on doing during my time off.  I want to blog about this, so that it is recorded.  But also, I want to blog about some other recent happenings.

I went to social last night.  That’s the dance my school puts on every semester.  I don’t usually go.  BUT IT WAS AWESOME!  I’m still super tired and I’m being rushed out the door to help photograph a baby shower, but I’m still glad I went.  My date was the best ever, and my friends will forever be the best ever.  Hopefully.

I’ll hopefully get into a better blogging mood next week.  ttfn

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