About a Boy

I am over you.
I mean, you didn’t really know I was under you (in the purest way of course)
But I am over you

You see, I can bat my green eyes at you every time I see you
But all affection is lost
I will spend one more night with you
And then I am closing the door

I thought I was so ready to open my heart
But there’s a hardcore lock on the chain that is constricting me
And the combination is beyond unbreakable

I’m over you
Because you’re not over her
Although you swore you were
She’s not over you either

I want someone to chase me
But you’re standing in the way
Aren’t you tired of running through my mind?
I’m trying so hard to keep these thoughts at bay

I don’t want to be broken
I think that’s true of most
But my consciousness is splintering
Cracks are running through my body

And so I am over you
But you’d never know it
And you’d probably never care.
This ship has sailed

I can stand here all day and say that I’m over you
But I know that when you walk into the room I’m at your side
Like a magnet
I’m positive I’m not over you.

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