Selling Myself Short

You have the audacity to tell me that you think I’m selling myself short
Is this some kind of sport
That you play?
Tossing around your opinions on matters that you probably don’t understand
Because my life isn’t going down the same path that you had planned
For yourself and I have my own work that is more important than the assignment in your hand

Is it somehow your prerogative to tell me that my goals aren’t good enough for your Jesus?
Because my Jesus didn’t call me to be a leader in a close-minded congregation
He called me to open the minds of lost people so there’s room for contemplation
I have big dreams in mind, and they’re filled with inspiration
I use the words in my head to give voice to a generation
So any comment on the matter from you leans to negation

These words you planted in my head have had me going crazy for weeks now
I finally broke down today, don’t you dare ask me how
You opened the window, you broke into my mind
And if you ask me sir, I’d say that wasn’t very kind
Jesus said we are the branches and He is the vine
But sometimes it’s hard for me to see how you come from the same plant as mine

Paul says we are all different parts of the same body
The key word here is different
Your evaluation of me holds an expectation of hands’ work
But sir, I am a mouth, and I spit words of passion
I am the lungs and I breathe in deep to scream
So loud that the ears can hear me and the brain can react

If you say I’m selling myself short, it’s only because you’re suffocating me.

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